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Eating Right When Money’s Tight

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Eating Right When Money’s Tight

In “Eating Right When Money’s Tight,” Managing Editor Kelsey Casselbury offers up strategies for saving a buck or two (or more) on your grocery bill while still eating a nutritious diet. If you’re looking for additional tips, look no further—here are five more ideas to implement:

Prioritize your version of health. Some people consider eating healthfully to mean organic produce, while others put an emphasis on rather expensive whole grains, such as quinoa, or grass-fed beef. It’s hard to shell out the money for top-of-the-line items in every food category, so think about what’s most important to you and spend your dollars there. If you want high-quality meat, consider stocking up on frozen vegetables. If organic produce is your thing, stick to inexpensive brown rice as a grain.

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