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State Regulations Every food facility must have at least one person on site who is in charge and is a certified food protection manager through successfully passing a food safety certification exam from an accredited program, such as ServSafe or Prometric.
Certification Exam Mandatory
Approved Certification Exams Always Food Safe
ServSafe and Prometric
Food Safety Training Requirement No
Certificate Renewal 5 years
Additional Requirements No


How does a food manager acquire his/her food safety certification?
A Person-In-Charge (PIC) becomes a certified food protection manager by successfully completing an accredited and approved exam from Prometric or ServSafe. Once they have passed one of the accredited exams, the PIC will acquire a certificate and will be considered in compliance with the requirement. Training is not a Massachusetts requirement, however, it is highly recommended.

Which facilities need to be certified?
All food facilities must have a certified food protection manager except the following:
– Temporary food facilities operated by non-profit organizations
– Daycare operations which prepare and/or serve snacks only
– Food facilities that sell only pre-packaged food items
– Food facilities with limited preparation of food which is not potentially hazardous
– Food facilities that prepare and serve USDA meat and poultry products containing 120 PPM nitrite and 3.5% brine concentration, for example, hotdogs.
– Satellite feeding locations receiving already prepared meals from commissaries for immediate service.

Does the Certified Food Protection Manager need to be present at the food facility at all times?
No they do not, however, when the PIC is not present during operating hours, an alternate PIC must be designated. The alternate PIC does not have to have certification, but this individual must be knowledgeable in food safety, food borne illness prevention and corrective actions. This individual should be at least eighteen years of age and in a full-time position equal to an on-site manager or supervisor.

Are there minimum hours of training to acquire the food manager certification?
Training is not required in Massachusetts, but is highly recommended.

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