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Why do I need Food Manager Certification in my state?

No! However, Food Manager Certification is mandatory in many of the states and counties across the country.

How do I get a Food Manager Certification?

Most regulatory agencies accept ANSI approved Certified Food Protection Manager Exams. However, some jurisdictions have each developed their programs which they require in place of ANSI approved programs.

Is there a minimum passing score for the Food Safety Manager exam?

Yes, The minimum passing score is 75%.

Does Food Handler Solutions offer the ANSI approved certification exams?

Yes! We offer different online training packages which give you a few different price options depending on how much you want to study and practice before taking the exam. We also use the Prometric exam and testing facilities scattered across the United States. To find training and certification options Click Here.

How long is the Food Manager certificate good for?

Usually, this certificate is valid for five years. However,

Are certificate’s valid in multiple states?

Most states will recognize a food manager certificate that was obtained in a different state as long as an ANSI approved source (Like Food Handler Solutions) acquired the certificate and both jurisdictions recognize ANSI certificates.

Food Handler Solutions has 100% ANSI approved Food Manager & Food Handlers Certificates!

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