Last updated on December 27th, 2017 at 07:06 am

Erin Bronner
School District Director / Creighton School District

So affordable! I definitely recommend Food Handler Solutions!

Kristin Soulsby
School District Director / Madison School District

Best investment I have ever made!

Jerri Ferro
Compliance Specialist / Roosevelt School District

Food Handler Solutions online program saves me SO MUCH time!

Michael Clark
School District Director / Crane Elementary School District

The Food Handler Solutions software system was a life saver!

Food Handler Solution Member
Jason Jones
Cafe Owner

It used to be hard to find reliable online food handler training for my staff. You never knew what your team would actually be learning or if they would come out prepared for the job. Food Handler Solutions solved all of that and prepared my staff for the growing demands this industry puts on them each and every day.

Food Handler Solution Member
Anthony Camby
Pizzeria Owner

In the service industry we live and die by what people say about us. If our staff is poorly trained and someone gets sick or we fail a health inspection it could mean the end for my restaurant. Food Handler Solutions gives me peace of mind knowing that my team is properly trained and ready to safely server our customers.

Food Handler Solution Member
Lindsey Ashburn
School Cafeteria Employee

As a school employee its tough to find training that meets the requirements in my state and is affordable. Not only was Food Handler Solutions affordable, quick and fun but I actually feel like I am better prepared for my first day of school. The kids deserve my best and that's why I went to the best for my food handler training.