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State Regulations Any food service establishment classified by local health departments as a Class III or Class IV establishments are required to employ, on-site, at least one Qualified Food Operator (QFO) in a supervisory position.
Certification Exam Mandatory
Approved Certification Exams ServSafe and Prometric
Food Safety Training Requirement None
Certificate Renewal Contact your local health department for this information.
Additional Requirements No


What is a Qualified Food Operator?
A Qualified Food Operator is a food operator employed in a full-time position who has demonstrated an understanding of safe food handling methods. They must be employed full-time, meaning 30 hours per week or the number of hours per week the food facility is open. The qualified food operator must also be in a supervisory position which means that person directs and oversees the performance of other food service employees.

What are the responsibilities of the Qualified Food Operator?
The Qualified Food Operator is expected to operate the food service facility, mobile food vending facility, and catering establishment and is responsible for guaranteeing the training of food service personnel. The food operator must also maintain documentation in the written form of the training program and individual training records of employees and must ensure these records available to the local health department upon request.

Does the food establishment need to keep a record of the food safety manager’s certification?
Yes, documentation must be provided upon request to the registered sanitation, authorized agent, or local supervisor of health, and maintained on file at the foodservice facility.

Does the Qualified Food Operator need to be present at the food facility at all times?
No, the Qualified Food Operator does not have to be present at the food facility at all times but they must have another employee designated to be in charge when they are not able to be there.

Do I need to have a Qualified Food Operator employed before I open my business?
The law stated that you have 60 days to make sure a food establishment has a Qualified Food Operator employed when a business is just started, there is a change of ownership, or if the previously employed, certified food protection manager quits.

What do I do if my Qualified Food Operator leaves the business?
You must employ a replacement Qualified Food Operator within 60 days from the day the previous Qualified Food Operator left the business.

Who is excused?

  • Class I & II establishments are not required to employ a QFO
  • Any individual who provides meals to people at registered meal sites
  • A volunteer who serves meals for any nonprofit organization should be excused from the requirement
  • Temporary food service facilities and events sponsored by non-profit organizations such as school sporting events, little league food vendors, church events, and fairs.
  • Soup kitchens that rely on services from volunteers are also excused.

What training do you provide in Connecticut?

  • Online Food Manager Training: A self-paced training that is online and incorporates different learning experiences such as graphics, audio, and cooperative learning exercises. This is a very effective learning program.
  • Online Study Guide: A study guide (20+ pages) that covers the major FDA food theories. This study guide also encompasses the Top 10 Tips to Passing the Food Manager Exam and two practice tests. All of these are done online.
  • Food Manager Exam: The test is conducted online via the Always Food Safe Company which is ANSI accredited and recognized by state and county health departments

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