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State Regulations State requires a Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) needs to be present at a food establishment during hours of operation where food is being prepared.
Certification Exam Mandatory
Approved Certification Exams Always Food Safe
ServSafe and Prometric
Food Safety Training Requirement No
Certificate Renewal 5 years
Additional Requirements All food service workers employed for organizations licensed by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants must take and pass a food safety training course to acquire a food worker certificate from an accredited program.


Does the food manager need to be present at the food establishment at all times?
When four or more employees are operating in a licensed food facility, a minimum of one certified food protection manager must be there. If there are three or less employees, the certified food manager does not need to be present during that time of operation.

At least one CFPM must be present at all times when food employees are preparing food. Food establishments that have at least one CFPM on staff shall not be required to have the CFPM present during hours of operation when no food preparation is taking place.

Do I need to have a certified food protection manager on board before I open my business?
A food establishment that is in process of initial licensing shall have a certified food protection
manager within the first 45 days of the initial licensing inspection.

If a food establishment’s CFPM ceases his/her employment and renders the food establishment out of compliance with food manager certification requirements, the establishment shall have 90 days to come into compliance.

Who is excused from the Food Manager Certification requirement?
The following class and category of food establishments are exempt from the CFPM requirement:

1) Category A-1, food processing plants that commercially process 100,000 packages of food
or more, per year;
(2) Category C-5, food processing plants that commercially process less than 100,000 packages
of TCS food per year;
(3) Category C-6, cold storage or refrigerating warehouse;
(4) Category D-4, retail food stores that allow self-service of food, including coffee, hot dogs, or
soft drinks;
(5) Category D-6, servicing areas;
(6) Category E-1, bed, and breakfasts;
(7) Category E-3, lodging facilities serving continental breakfasts;
(8) Category F-1, home delivery services of packaged frozen food;
(9) Category F-2, pushcarts, and other mobile food units, including, those serving packaged food
and non-TCS unwrapped foods only;
(10) Category F-3, retail food stores with no food preparation areas;
(11) Category F-4, wholesalers/distributors of TCS food;
(12) Category F-5, on-site vending machines, which serve TCS food;
(13) Category F-6, bakeries that do not serve TCS food and have no seats;
(14) Category G-1, bars/lounges without a food preparation area;
(15) Category G-2, arena/theater concessions serving non-TCS food;
(16) Category G-3, retail food stores serving pre-packaged ice cream;
(17) Category G-7, sellers of pre-packaged frozen meat or poultry that is processed in a USDA inspected plant; or
(18) Category G-8, food processing plants that manufacture or package non-TCS food

What training do you provide in New Hampshire?

  • Online Food Manager Training: A self-paced training that is online and incorporates different learning experiences such as graphics, audio, and cooperative learning exercises. This is a very effective learning program.
  • Online Study Guide: A study guide (20+ pages) that covers the major FDA food theories. This study guide also encompasses the Top 10 Tips to Passing the Food Manager Exam and two practice tests. All of these are done online.
  • Food Manager Exam: The test is conducted online via the Always Food Safe Company which is ANSI accredited and recognized by state and county health departments.

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