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Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

“It was a smooth experience that gave great options for the exam. The questions were different if you did a redo of your exam, which I liked a lot. Overall I would recommend and will use the same website/company for my renewal in 2027.”

a month ago
Janet Mejía

Janet Mejía

“This process/training was super helpful and flexible! It had thorough information to make the exam go smoothly. I'm super happy that I chose to get my food handlers through Food Handlers Solutions!”

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Vicki C

Vicki C

“Great course, longer than I anticipated. Perhaps you could include estimated time necessary to complete course in your intro. Maybe it was there and I missed it. Otherwise, course was well done.”

a month ago
Latonia R

Latonia R

“Great content! Provides detailed information and tests your knowledge at the end of each chapter. This is a great learning tool. After taking the online course I am certain that I will properly handle food and prevent customers from illnesses. I recommend this course to anyone that handles food to serve others. I also recommend the course for people who prepare food at home for themselves and loved ones. There is so much I didn't know about bacteria, cross contamination, and the proper way to cool and store food. I can't thank you enough. You have helped me save my family from getting sick off of the food I prepared with LOVE!”

4 months ago
Carolyn Woodward

Carolyn Woodward

“The study slides were very informative. The test wasn't that hard. It was also very affordable.”

a week ago


State Regulations
Food facilities, acceptable by Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and handling, prepping, or serving exposed foods which are potentially hazardous, must hire a certified food manager. The Food Manager Certification should be acquired by successfully passing an accredited, approved exam, such as ServSafe or Always Food Safe.

The Texas Administrative Code Title 25 contains the food safety laws for retail food establishments. And within the laws, Rule §228.33 lists the requirements for certified food protection managers:

At minimum, the establishment must have one employee with management responsibilities and the authority to control food preparation and service who is a certified food protection manager. The original food manager certificate must be posted in a location at the establishment that very visible to customers.

In January of 2010, The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) stopped administering the Certified Food Manager (CFM) exam. Now, the DSHS approves outside providers that you can go through to earn your CFM.

There are two different programs you can choose to get certified: a DSHS-approved exam or an ANSI-CFP exam. The Texas DSHS-Approved one is only good for Texas. On the other hand, the ASI-CFP accredited exam is good anywhere in the United States that accepts this program—which includes the majority of states.
Certification Exam
Approved Certification Exams
Always Food Safe
Food Safety Training Requirement
Certificate Renewal
Every 5 years at a state level
Additional Requirements
Some local counties have special requirements, for example, registering the Food Manager Certificate with the Health Department, or needing to pay an additional fee for the issuance of a Food Manager Certificate.


The following food facilities are excused from the requirement:

  1. Facilities that deal with only prepackaged food and do not package food
  2. Child care establishments
  3. Facilities that do not prepare or handle exposed foods that are potentially hazardous
  4. Nonprofit institutions

Yes, the original copy of the food manager certificate should be posted in an area in the food facility that is noticeable to consumers.

Yes, it will be valid. Food Manager Certification exams provided by training programs that are accredited through the American National Standards Institute – Conference of Food Protection (ANSI-CFP) receive nationwide reciprocity. Although, it is important to remember that specific cities or counties have different requirements, for example, registering your certificate with the local health department. Check with your local health department for additional certification requirements and information.

  • Online Food Manager Training: A self-paced training that is online and incorporates different learning experiences such as graphics, audio, and cooperative learning exercises. This is a very effective learning program.
  • Online Study Guide: A study guide (20+ pages) that covers the major FDA food theories. This study guide also encompasses the Top 10 Tips to Passing the Food Manager Exam and two practice tests. All of these are done online.
  • Food Manager Exam: The test is conducted online via the Always Food Safe Company which is ANSI accredited and recognized by state and county health departments.

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Always Food Safe Certification Exam
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Study Guide + Remotely Proctored Exam.
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Always Food Safe Certification Exam
Food Manager Certification (upon passing exam)
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PDF – Study Guide
Tips and Tricks: 10 Tips To Passing A Food Handlers Certificate Exam
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Remotely Proctored Manager Exam, Online Course, Study Guide and Practice Exam
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Always Food Safe Certification Exam
Food Manager Certification (upon passing exam)
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Full 14 Chapter Online Manager Training Program
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Tips and Tricks: 10 Tips To Passing A Food Handlers Certificate Exam
Full Online Manager Training Course – Video Training
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